Ama Lurra - Architectural
The 1st self-sufficient resort in Indonesia
solar panel system

Solar Panel System

salted water pool

Salted Water Pool

recycled water

Recycled Water

Each villa embraces calmness, comfort and privacy in a simple and elegant setting. Guests can relax while sipping drinks in an inviting plunge pool surrounded by a lush tropical garden and at an old-wooden terrace where they can have a peaceful siesta on the large bean bags and day-bed mattress.

Gili Air

The first island reachable from the mainland of  Lombok.

One of the renowned three “Gilis” (which means “small islands” in Sasak language), a twenty-minute flight away from East Bali or ninety minutes by speedboat across the Lombok Strait, is a hidden, raw gem.

There is no motorised transport on the islands; just bicycles and horse carts, known as Cidomo. The “Gilis” are world-known for their idyllic stretches of white sand, exotic pandanus plants and wind-bent palm trees; guests can book some unique activities with us to experience being in close contact with local traditions and natural diversity around the resort.

Crafted Experience

a selection of unique local activities to discover.
cultivate and energize

Our Philosophy

We are delighted to share this secluded piece of paradise with people who share our ethos and commitment to preserving nature. Ama-Lurra has been crafted with a net-zero carbon emission approach as its core philosophy; a true eco-friendly concept striving to positively impact the planet by minimizing its energy footprint and water usage.

Brand Value


A place where the friendly care and comfort of our guests are our highest priority

Local sensitivity

Socially responsible and culturally sensible

Responsible & Caring

Committed to preserving the environment and sustainable operation


Our gastronomy is good for our guests, those who grow it and the planet