Our Philosophy

We are delighted to share this secluded piece of paradise with people who share our ethos and commitment to preserving nature. Ama-Lurra has been crafted with a net-zero carbon emission approach as its core philosophy; a true eco-friendly concept striving to positively impact the planet by minimizing its energy footprint and water usage.


A place where the friendly care and comfort of our guests are our highest priority

Local sensitivity
Socially responsible and culturally sensible

Responsible & Caring
Committed to preserving the environment and sustainable operation

Our gastronomy is good for our guests, those who grow it and the planet

Ama Lurra - Architectural
At Ama-Lurra, looking after the earth is our philosophy.  Ama-Lurra Gili Air is one of the first resorts in Asia with 100% green electricity power, using the most advanced technology with a solar panel system to show that luxury tourism is compatible with our Mother Nature.

Ama-Lurra preserves environment:

To achieve complete self-sufficiency, we source all our energy from roof-mounted solar panels. We request all guests to use air-conditioning in moderation, and encourage those who wish to conserve more energy, to use a fan available in each room. We remind all the guests that after 5pm (after sunset), electricity becomes precious, and so individual mindfulness of its usage is highly appreciated.

Responsible Purchasing

All complimentary amenities are biodegradable, fair-traded, locally-produced, cruelty-free and made of environmentally friendly material that is also plastic-free.

Saving Paper
We minimise the use of paper and recycled paper. Instead, guests may leave messages to us on the chalkboard provided.

Preserving Water
We use filtered seawater for drainage, sinks and toilets, preserving fresh water for when it is needed. Our wastewater is treated and purified with organic filtering for watering gardens.

Eliminating Waste
Aligned with our ‘Refill, not Landfill’ program, we provide complimentary water bottles so all guests can enjoy fresh drinking water, without the needs to use single-use plastics.